Easy Windows Explorer Tweak

You can make Windows Explorer start in whatever folder or drive you want! I always found it really annoying how it would start in “My Documents”, which after a while has so many subfolders in it that you have to scroll and find My Computer, and the drive you want to get to, etc.

This is EASY.

  1. Right click on the shortcut you use for Windows Explorer and go to properties.
  2. In the “Target path:” field on the “Shortcut” tab, add the following to the end of whatever is there: /e,c:

Your end result should look something like this:
[code]%SystemRoot%explorer.exe /e,c:[/code] Note: Change the c: to whatever path you want Windows Explorer to start at.

Windows XP black screen on bootup with only mouse working

– Can’t load Windows XP GUI, all I get is my mouse on a black screen.
– Can’t load “Safe mode with command prompt”
– Can’t do a repair install or use the repair console to fix the problem.

What happened:
It wasn’t my computer and I wasn’t there when it broke down, but apparently someone was playing World of Warcraft and they got a message box (probably outside of the game) asking them a question, to which they responded “yes” (or whatever positive answer there was) which led to a blue screen and wouldn’t allow the PC to boot into windows. There was an error message that said something roughly like “cannot load windows”. I got an explanation of what went wrong from people who don’t know much about computers so it’s hard to explain in detail. They did a repair install without me and that led to the problem this post is based on.

– Backup data using another PC and format.

Important Tip:
– When you have a catastrophic failure, don’t do a repair install of windows until you’ve tried the recovery console via “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”. Repair installs sometimes won’t work! When you do a repair install, it immediately deletes all restore points so you have no hope but to reformat if the repair install doesn’t work.