Make your WordPress site faster (easily)

There’s a feature called “gzip” that’s installed by default on most web servers. Modifying your site to make use of it can really speed up the performance.

How much faster?
Try the quick and easy mod_gzip tester by Just enter the URL and it will tell you how much faster it would be.

How to enable it in WordPress:
It’s easy! Just grab the plugin called Gzippy and install it. Run the gzip tester again to see it in action.

WordPress Theme Resetting

Problem: WordPress theme on my site was reverting/resetting back to the default occasionally.

Why: I had a subdomain where the site used to be (basically another copy of the site running in a different location with the same database), and any time something browses to that website, the theme gets reset.

Solution: Get rid of the other site.