Computer switches to 640×480 after rebooting (even with the latest drivers installed)

If you’re a Windows user and your computer is switching back to 640×480 after every reboot and you have your drivers installed correctly, I should have the answer for you. Open up your msconfig (start > run > msconfig) and go to the Boot tab and uncheck “Base Video”. 

I had turned this on for testing purposes and didn’t realize the effect it had… doh!

Foobar2000 Interface Crashing / Win16 Subsystem Resources

The foobar interface crashes frequently throughout the day on 2 of the computers here at this company. The screen goes all transparent and almost nothing is visible. See image:


I have found out one thing though, if I try to open an old 16 bit application after this has happened, it spits out an error:


This error won’t stop appearing when I open 16 bit apps until I reboot my PC.

Update: I believe I have solved this problem. I backed up, then removed all the files that have to do with this program and reinstalled and I haven’t seen this happen since.