Boot Acronis with USB on an EEE PC

There are a few basic guides:

  • powerex’s guide where you format with an HP tool
  • ziggywas’ tip to format with PeToUSB
  • (The following step to those 2 summaries is to just use the Acronis Rescue disk creator)

There’s only one small catch. Setting the first boot device to “Removeable Device” doesn’t include your usb stick. Boot with your USB stick and find the list of hard drives in the boot menu, then move your stick up to first place. Then go back to the boot priority menu and you should see your actual flash drive listed, make that first and you’re good to go.

Oh and FYI, Acronis can’t access the Windows network on the EEE PC, nor can it access my big external drive (which doesn’t make sense). =/

I did find this one interesting tidbit of info:

Update:  For whatever reason, Acronis v10 or 11 + EeePC 900 does not like being plugged into an Ethernet Switch (hanging off a router) for Recovery – it can’t find a network or any network shares – in fact Acronis sees it as “cable unplugged”.  I plugged the 900 directly into a router port, bypassing the Ethernet Switch, and Acronis found the Network.  Done. [Source]

I’m plugged directly into a router and it’s still not working. But maybe using a cross-wired cable would do the trick.

Useful Firefox Plugins for the EEE PC

  • Tiny Menu – Condenses all the file menus (File, Edit, View, etc.) into one option called Menu. I suggest using this, then dragging all the nav buttons and such onto the same row. Saves a lot of screen real estate, and it’s one of the most important addons in my opinion.
  • autoHideStatusbar – Auto-hides the Firefox status bar at the bottom of the screen, similar to Google Chrome.
  • Foxmarks – Synchronize bookmarks with any of your other computers.
  • Silvermel – Great classy theme. (Not really designed specifically for this but it just looks good.)
  • Hide Find Bar – Auto hides the find bar after X amount of seconds. I always leave it open by accident so this is great.

Enable Advanced Mode on the EEE PC 1000

How to set up Advanced Desktop or Full Desktop on an Eee PC 1000

  1. Press Ctrl & Alt and T at the same time to get to the terminal.
  2. Type sudo synaptic
  3. Click settings and then repositories
  4. Click add in the bottom left corner
  5. Put in the URL:
  6. Put p701 in the distribution
  7. Put main etch in the sections
  8. You have just added the 701 repositories
  9. Now close the repository window and click reload in synaptic
  10. Next search for ksmserver and then kicker right click on each one and mark install
  11. Click apply at the top of the page and wait for synaptic to finish
  12. Close synaptic and the terminal window
  13. You should now have a full desktop option in you shutdown options.


Install Wine on the EEE PC

Download lazyeeepc and run it. It should give you an easy option to install wine for the eee pc.

More info (translated):

Lazyeeepc contain easy-to-use GUI and a scripts collection, which can use to install software and enhance EeePC easily.

lazyeeepc is a first english version release, but we are release for traditional chinese many times. lazyeeepc contains a lot of script to improve EeePC, and a easy-to-use user interface to execute this scripts, contains some important features:
* Install Launcher Tools
* aMSN (and support webcam)
* auto download and install ie6
* add repository, which is a eeepc compatibility repository.
* Fix Asus add/remove software shortcut reset problem
* Enable Advance mode
* add start menu and add many common use shortcut
* install codecs

lazyeeepc come from Taiwan, so it contains a lot of chinese issues scripts, you can skip this script (like pcmanx, java chinese font fix, chinese subtitle support, etc.)

Source: EeeUser Forums

Get Ventrilo to Work on the EEE PC (Sort-of)

1. Edit the file:

2. And add the following line:

3. Next you need to get your hands on the windows file ‘msgsm32.acm’ from an existing windows partition (C:/WINDOWS/system32/msgsm32.acm) and copy it to ‘~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system/’.

4. Run vent.

Note: When I transmit, I can usually only transmit until I let go of the talk key, then that’s broken for good. I can still receive audio the whole time though.

Source: endy’s post on the Ubuntu Forums