Slow Windows Load Time

I’m trying to solve a problem where my computer at work takes forever to become usable after logging onto windows.

Edit: For lazy people, the end result was mapped drives were slowing boot time significantly. The following tweaks helped only with the delay between logging in and seeing the taskbar.

First thing I tried was various performance tweaks from TweakXP.

What I’ve applied so far:

Related to the issue but wasn’t possible for me to use:

What I’ve done on my own that didn’t solve the issue:

  • Defrag
  • Registry Repair
  • Registry Defrag
  • Disabling unneeded startup apps with msconfig

End result:

I no longer have to wait so long staring at the wallpaper before windows starts to load. However I judge performance on how soon it takes to open firefox as soon as I can click on it, and it still seems pretty slow. I definately sped up the login process, but the opening firefox part is slower than it should be still. I have a feeling it has to do with my ATI drivers or something. I will try the bootvis tool that I heard about to see if that tells me what’s slowing things down.


Upon further investigation I noticed that mup.sys was using up the most boot time. I researched it and determine it’s related to mapped drives. There is one share that I have mapped to my PC and it connects to a computer that is always offline in the mornings when I turn on my computer. Bootvis has referenced that share specifically and told me that it was slowing the boot time down.

Also it said the Acrotray (Acrobat Speed Launcher I believe) took a chunk of time away from startup as well.

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  1. That is a good utility to have around (Bootvis), thanks for mentioning it and this post without which I never would have noticed it.

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