Post-rock: The genre no one knows about

Post-rock is a genre of music that goes along with a certain philosophy, and that is if you take out the singer, it forces the band to play better music. In my personal opinion I think almost every singer ruins almost every band. On a whole other level, if you take out the singers from the music you hear on the radio today, you’d be bored to tears with all the boring, uncreative and shitty music that’s become way to popular and just needs to die quickly.

Here is a sampler of some of my favorite post-rock tracks. Take note that post-rock songs usually have build-ups, so when the music sounds all slow and boring, don’t immediately assume it sucks, just wait a bit and you’ll understand why you just waited.

The Mercury Program – Fragile or Possibly Extinct
[audio:post-rock/02 fragile or possibly extinct.mp3]

Jai Alai – To Liberate
[audio:post-rock/Jai Alai – To Liberate.mp3]

Salvatore – Js Bells
[audio:post-rock/Salvatore – Js Bells.mp3]

Jakob – I Was Hidden

This Will Destroy You – A Three-Legged Workhorse
[audio:post-rock/This Will Destroy You – A Three-Legged Workhorse.mp3]

Molia Falls – Godalming
[audio:post-rock/Molia Falls – Godalming.mp3]

Caspian – Further Up
[audio:post-rock/Caspian – You Are the Conductor – EP – 02 – Further Up.mp3]

Maserati – Show Me The Season
[audio:post-rock/06 – Maserati – Show Me The Season.mp3]

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