MS Access: The RunMacro action was canceled.

I was trying to run an msaccess macro using Windows XP scheduled tasks. It wasn’t working. It gave me the following error when it tried to close access after the macro was finished:

The RunMacro action was canceled. You used a method of the DoCMD object to carry out an action in Visual Basic, but then clicked Cancel in a dialog box. For example, you used the Close method to close a changed form, then clicked Cancel in the dialog box that asks if you want to save the changes you made to the form.”

My server was running macro’s fine, so I looked at the Task Properties and noticed they were different.

The solution: Continue reading…

Reset lost admin password in osCommerce RC1+

Forgot your admin password in the newer versions of osCommerce? Either of these two fixes will reset your password to “pass“.

  1. Get into your database with something like phpMyAdmin
  2. Go into the “administrators” table
  3. Edit the record there for the user “admin”
  4. Replace the contents of the password with this:

Or you could just run this query, if you’re database is setup the standard way.

  1. [code]UPDATE `administrators` SET `user_password` = ‘6cdd7c57450225fac77427f5962bb726:40’ WHERE `id` =1 LIMIT 1 ;[/code]

Random black screens

Problem: My friend has a computer that was acting up. The screen goes black (disconnects, orange light) when opening up big programs, or in the middle of game play, etc.

Solution: Increase the voltage on the ram. I’m not sure how much or how to do it, just look it up.

Can’t connect at 1000mbps, only 100mbps

Problem: Had a computer with a nice, new on-board Intel NIC. It would only connect at 100mbps. I even put another Intel network card in that was working at 1000mbps on another computer and it still wouldn’t work. The internet was also running very slow.

Solution: I forgot that I had setup the network in that office to run the network cable through the network power filter on the UPS. Set it up the normal way and everything was back to normal.

Foobar2000 Interface Crashing / Win16 Subsystem Resources

The foobar interface crashes frequently throughout the day on 2 of the computers here at this company. The screen goes all transparent and almost nothing is visible. See image:


I have found out one thing though, if I try to open an old 16 bit application after this has happened, it spits out an error:


This error won’t stop appearing when I open 16 bit apps until I reboot my PC.

Update: I believe I have solved this problem. I backed up, then removed all the files that have to do with this program and reinstalled and I haven’t seen this happen since.