Computer switches to 640×480 after rebooting (even with the latest drivers installed)

If you’re a Windows user and your computer is switching back to 640×480 after every reboot and you have your drivers installed correctly, I should have the answer for you. Open up your msconfig (start > run > msconfig) and go to the Boot tab and uncheck “Base Video”. 

I had turned this on for testing purposes and didn’t realize the effect it had… doh!

Can’t type/click/interact in Windows 8 native apps

I haven’t found a solution yet, but I can’t type inside Windows 8 “metro” apps when they pop up a browser and ask me to log in. For example, in the Microsoft People app, I go to log into Facebook and a white screen opens where I’m supposed to type my email address and password in. I can’t click on the fields or type anything. The only thing that I can click is the back arrow. It’s as if the whole browser window just doesn’t let me interact with it. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

Magento Downloader – No Extensions Listed

If you can’t see any packages or extensions listed in the Magento Connect Manager (Downloader), I might just have the fix for you. First thing I noticed was  we didnt have pear installed (use this script to make sure your server is compatible). After I made sure the server was compatible, the extensions still weren’t listing. I found on this thread that you can enter the following:


…into the “Paste extension key to install:” box on the Downloader. It will populate the list.

DD-WRT TX Errors – 0% 0 OK

  1. Wireless – Wireless Security: Set to “disable” (Wifi signal will now be visible)
  2. Wireless – Basic Settings: Set “Wireless Mode” to “Client Bridge”. Save, then Apply. (Your internet will go down, manually load your routers address or you will just wait forever.)
  3. Wireless – Wireless Security: Set to “WPA2” or whatever you had before (Wifi signal should still be visible)

Note: This problem returned a few days later, might be best to update the router if you have this problem.

Another note: This solution didn’t seem to help me the second time, but I set encryption to “WPA2 Personal – Mixed” and it came back to life.

Nagios SSL/Connection Issue Solved

On /etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg, (remote server) comment out the following line:

  • #allowed_hosts=

They say it ignores this config line if you use xinet.d, but they are totally wrong. I used to get the “Host <blah> is not allowed to talk to us!” error because of this.

The command I used to test the connection (on the host server) is:

  • /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -H <remote_server_ip>