Magento Downloader – No Extensions Listed

If you can’t see any packages or extensions listed in the Magento Connect Manager (Downloader), I might just have the fix for you. First thing I noticed was  we didnt have pear installed (use this script to make sure your server is compatible). After I made sure the server was compatible, the extensions still weren’t listing. I found on this thread that you can enter the following:


…into the “Paste extension key to install:” box on the Downloader. It will populate the list.

DD-WRT TX Errors – 0% 0 OK

  1. Wireless – Wireless Security: Set to “disable” (Wifi signal will now be visible)
  2. Wireless – Basic Settings: Set “Wireless Mode” to “Client Bridge”. Save, then Apply. (Your internet will go down, manually load your routers address or you will just wait forever.)
  3. Wireless – Wireless Security: Set to “WPA2” or whatever you had before (Wifi signal should still be visible)

Note: This problem returned a few days later, might be best to update the router if you have this problem.

Another note: This solution didn’t seem to help me the second time, but I set encryption to “WPA2 Personal – Mixed” and it came back to life.

Nagios SSL/Connection Issue Solved

On /etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg, (remote server) comment out the following line:

  • #allowed_hosts=

They say it ignores this config line if you use xinet.d, but they are totally wrong. I used to get the “Host <blah> is not allowed to talk to us!” error because of this.

The command I used to test the connection (on the host server) is:

  • /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -H <remote_server_ip>

Duke Nukem 3D HRP Multiplayer

  • Download Duke Nukem 3D and install it.
  • Download Duke HRP and install it to the Duke3D directory.
  • Download YANG.
  • Run YANG.
  • On the Source Ports config screen of YANG – Tell it where where eDuke3D.exe is in that Duke3D directory.
  • On the Source Ports config screen of YANG – Give it the same directory as above for the TC/Mods path below.
  • Create a room in YANG, on the right select “game.con” and click “use” so it moves to the right. This enables HRP to work.

SMARTd Commands for SATA Drives

Show all SMART information

[code]smartctl -d ata -a /dev/sda1[/code]
  • -a = Show all SMART information for device.
  • -d = Specify the device type to one of: ata, scsi, marvell, 3ware (ata is selected above).
  • /dev/sda1 = The drive.

Run a self-test

[code]smartctl -d ata -t offline /dev/sda1[/code] [code]smartctl -d ata -t long /dev/sda1[/code]

Output self-test and other log results

  • smartctl -d ata -l selftest /dev/sda1
  • smartctl -d ata -l error /dev/sda1
  • smartctl -d ata -l selective /dev/sda1
  • smartctl -d ata -l directory /dev/sda1

Output all options

[code]smartctl -h[/code]


  • Enable smart by editing /etc/smartd.conf file.
  • Smart Configuration file: /etc/smartd.conf
  • Start/Stop smart: /etc/init.d/smartd start | stop