Copy lots of little files fast in Windows

Use RichCopy. It’s a Microsoft tool that is multi-threaded. You can set how many files/directories to copy at once and it can really max your performance.

I’m using it to clone a drive. Normally I would just use Acronis for this, but I’m copying from a hard drive to a Windows Storage Space (which isn’t supported by Acronis 2017).

Update: As I’m working on transfering 3TB of all types of files, I’ve noticed that using FreeFileSync specificially with a filter limit on file size (100MB at first then down to 10MB for a second pass) seemed to be the most efficient way to transfer all the larger files. It also copies multiple files at once, but when it was transferring small files it was quoting me an insane multi-day ETA. So I’m running this, then going to use RichCopy for all the tiny stuff and then finally make sure everything is properly synced with FreeFileSync. If you want to save all of the hassle, FreeFileSync has always done the job for me. This time it just seems like I needed something more specific to tons of small files.

Computer switches to 640×480 after rebooting (even with the latest drivers installed)

If you’re a Windows user and your computer is switching back to 640×480 after every reboot and you have your drivers installed correctly, I should have the answer for you. Open up your msconfig (start > run > msconfig) and go to the Boot tab and uncheck “Base Video”. 

I had turned this on for testing purposes and didn’t realize the effect it had… doh!

Can’t type/click/interact in Windows 8 native apps

I haven’t found a solution yet, but I can’t type inside Windows 8 “metro” apps when they pop up a browser and ask me to log in. For example, in the Microsoft People app, I go to log into Facebook and a white screen opens where I’m supposed to type my email address and password in. I can’t click on the fields or type anything. The only thing that I can click is the back arrow. It’s as if the whole browser window just doesn’t let me interact with it. Does anyone know what’s wrong?