Can’t type/click/interact in Windows 8 native apps

I haven’t found a solution yet, but I can’t type inside Windows 8 “metro” apps when they pop up a browser and ask me to log in. For example, in the Microsoft People app, I go to log into Facebook and a white screen opens where I’m supposed to type my email address and password in. I can’t click on the fields or type anything. The only thing that I can click is the back arrow. It’s as if the whole browser window just doesn’t let me interact with it. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

Google News Results Suck

SPOILER ALERT: If you watch Celebrity Apprentice or 24 please look away!

So in one night, on two separate occasions I decide to look up a cast member of each show I was watching. Each time with only about 8-10 minutes left in the show. This is what I find. Continue reading…

My Telus Tech Support Story

One day, many years ago I spent an entire day on the phone with numerous Telus tech support people. Our internet was down and we needed it up because we were hosting a couple websites and email servers that needed to be up in order to do business.

I spent the whole day listening to them tell me to do things like reset the modem (each tech ran me through the same steps), and then go to this one site on their network to set our MAC addresses to our IP (or something like that). Every tech basically told me to click the submit (or refresh) button on the site to send the info to Telus. The techs themselves did it every 5 minutes or so themselves.

I call again near the end of the day and I finally get ahold of a young guy with some brains. He tells me that I was supposed to click the button and then just wait – up to 15-20 minutes and then the internet just starts to work. Apparently none of the other techs knew this, even though it is the first step to getting someone online.

So in short, I spent the whole day without the internet and losing business, on the phone with tech support because the techs didn’t know about one specific, simple feature. I switched from Telus to Radiant immediately the next day.

Vista doesn’t suck!

So soon everyone forgets that when Windows XP came out, for years everyone complained about it and told everyone to stay away and use Windows 2000? Now those same people are telling others to use XP instead of Vista, when there isn’t any major issues with it. The only problems I’ve had was ONE driver issue, which I solved. If you’re getting a new system, Vista should work fine on it. However I have no experience with upgrading older systems to Vista and probably not recommend it. That sounds like a bad thing, but hey – Vista wasn’t meant for old computers!