Duke Nukem 3D HRP Multiplayer

  • Download Duke Nukem 3D and install it.
  • Download Duke HRP and install it to the Duke3D directory.
  • Download YANG.
  • Run YANG.
  • On the Source Ports config screen of YANG – Tell it where where eDuke3D.exe is in that Duke3D directory.
  • On the Source Ports config screen of YANG – Give it the same directory as above for the TC/Mods path below.
  • Create a room in YANG, on the right select “game.con” and click “use” so it moves to the right. This enables HRP to work.

List of CC Spells for Power Aura’s Classic

Kidney Shot/Hammer of Justice/Cheap Shot/Maim/Charge Stun/Intercept/Concussion Blow/Pounce/Shadowfury/Deep Freeze/Gnaw/Intimidation/Repentance/Impact/Blackout

Silence/Strangulate/Counterspell/shield bash/bash/pummel/kick/Mind freeze/earth shock/spell lock

Entangling Roots

Polymorph/Freezing Trap/Frost Nova/Frostbite/Hex

Slow/Typhoon/Hamstring/Daze/Wing Clip/Earthbind/Piercing Howl

Cyclone/Blind/Fear/Banish/Psychic Scream/Mind Control/Wyvern Sting/Seduction/Shackle Undead/Hibernate/Mind Control/Sap/Turn Evil/Scatter Shot/Scare Beast/Gouge/Howl of Terror/Death Coil/Intimidating Shout

New World of Warcraft UI


Addons I used:

  • Unit Frames (top left): ag_unitframes (recently switched to X-Perl though)
  • Top bar: FuBar with lots of addons (QuestsFu gives me the custom quest log)
  • Action bars (bottom): Bongos with cyCircled addon to make the buttoms look glassy
  • Minimap: Squeenix
  • Minimap Buttoms: MBB (Minimap Button Box, hides all buttons into one expandable one)